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Keep Calm And Na Ma Ste

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Create your own "Keep Calm And Na Ma Ste" mug, "Keep Calm And Na Ma Ste" poster or "Keep Calm And Na Ma Ste" t-shirt today!

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Could "Keep Calm And Na Ma Ste" be one of the best Keep Calm and Carry On parodies? Remember, you are in control and it doesn’t even need to say Keep Calm or include the famous Keep Calm Crown icon or Keep Calm Font.

Although this design uses the Keep Calm font and Buddha2 icon, you can choose from hundreds of icons, colours and backgrounds and make your "Keep Calm And Na Ma Ste" design as personal as you are. If you like the solid colour background, leave the hex colour code set to #6d00ff and consider changing the icon or perhaps add the name of a friend, relative or company to make the design personal and unique.

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